Abrasion Testing Machine DIN

DIN Abrader (DIN abrasion tester) is applicable to test the abrasion resistance of various materials, such as polyester sole, shoe sole, and polymer sheet material. Moreover, it is in accordance with DIN 53516, ASTM D5963-04, ISO 4649, ISO 20344, and so on. By rubbing the sample with a rotating wheel and sandpaper, at last stop the test when the surface of the fabric shows wear that meets the standard requirements.

According to the test result, you can figure out the fabric’s wear performance by comparing it with the standard sample. The DIN Abrasion Tester TF215 provides a wide testing area to meet most requests with additional and required balance. If you are looking for a specially customized DIN Abrasion Tester, it can be your best choice as it is characterized by its top quality and safe operation.

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  • Load Weight: 5N,10N
  • Roll Dim: Diameter 150mm
  • Length 460mm
  • Rotation Speed 40rpm
  • Moving Distance of the Holder: 4.2mm each rotation